Confidentiality and privacy


Students who wish to seek university information or support in a confidential manner may contact a confidential resource. Confidential resources will not share information about a student or received from a student without the student’s express written permission unless imminent threat to life or bodily injury exists, or there is a legal obligation to reveal such information. Going to a confidential resource will not put the university on notice of a specific allegation.


The university will take steps to respect the privacy of those involved. Absolute confidentiality may not be maintained in all circumstances, especially in cases where the university must take action to protect the safety of others. Information will not be shared beyond those with a need to know. More details on confidentiality and privacy are available in University Policy 01.04.040 Sex and Gender-Based Discrimination Under Title IX.

Duty to report

For the university to respond effectively and to proactively stop instances of gender-based and sexual misconduct, all employees must report information about alleged or possible sexual misconduct to a member of UAF's Title IX office. University counselors and health care providers are considered confidential resources, and are not required to inform Title IX staff when they receive a report.