Study in another U.S. state through the National Student Exchange. Trade places with students from Europe, Japan or other locations through UAF’s international exchanges. Or find your ideal study abroad semester among one of our hundreds of international affiliate programs.

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Please carefully review how to apply, academic considerations and costs before applying.

UAF is a member of the National Student Exchange (NSE) program, which offers students the opportunity to study at a host campus in another U.S. state, U.S. territory or even in Canada. Since its founding in 1968, more than 100,000 students have participated in the program.

NSE has two options for payment:

  • Home Pay students pay tuition to their home university, and pay for housing and other expenses at their host university. 
  • Host Pay students pay tuition to their host university at the in-state rate.

Choose National Student Exchange if you want to:

  • Immerse yourself in another area of North America or a different campus environment.
  • Take specialized courses offered at other U.S. institutions to enhance your academic experience.
  • Practice French in Quebec or Spanish in Puerto Rico.

National Student Exchange

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UAF has 16 bilateral exchange agreements with individual foreign universities. UAF students have the opportunity to study abroad at these universities for a semester or a year, and students from these universities also come to UAF on exchange. Currently UAF has active exchange partners in Japan, Singapore, Germany, the U.K., Spain, France and Switzerland.

The north2north mobility program, a project of the University of the Arctic, allows students to go on exchange to a whole network of circumpolar institutions. Opportunities are available in Canada, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and a few institutions in Scotland and France with Arctic-related programs.

While on exchange, students continue to pay UAF tuition, and pay for housing and other expenses at their host university.

Find international exchange programs in the UAF Study Away Portal by filtering by "program type" and selecting "exchange".

Choose an international exchange if you want to:

  • Study in Europe, Japan, Singapore, Greenland, Iceland or northern Canada.
  • Learn together with local students and exchange students from all over the world.
  • Take on independently planning and budgeting for your trip.
  • Be able to use Nanook Pledge, veterans’ benefits or a dependent tuition waiver.

UArctic North2North

UAF is affiliated with several organizations that specialize in providing study abroad programs around the world:

The American Institute for Foreign Study

Academic Programs International

Global Education Oregon

The Institute for Study Abroad

International Studies Abroad

Knowledge Exchange Institute

The Education Abroad Network

University Studies Abroad Consortium

Most of these organizations offer some kind of discount or scholarship to UAF students. Students remain enrolled at UAF but pay a comprehensive fee to the program provider instead of paying UAF tuition.

Any programs in the UAF Study Away Portal that do not say "University of Alaska Fairbanks" at the top are international affiliate programs.

Choose an international affiliate program if you want to:

  • Study anywhere in the world, including Africa, Asia, Central or South America, or Oceania.
  • Be part of a cohort of other U.S. students studying abroad together.
  • Get additional support with the process of studying abroad.
  • Have the option to participate in a short-term summer program or international internship.