Faculty and staff

Academic advising

When advising students, please consult our page about academic considerations for studying away. If you have any suggestions for improving this page or adding considerations for a specific major or student population, please let us know!


Have you been asked to sign or help with a study away advising agreement?


  • Before scheduling a student for an appointment with the Study Away advisor, please help them check if there is a scheduled information session they are able to attend first.
  • To schedule an appointment for a student in Nanook Navigator, select “Study Away Academic Advising” as the location, and “Intake Appointment” as the service.
  • You can also call the Academic Advising Center front desk at 907-474-6396 to schedule a study away appointment for a student.
  • Please ask students to review how to prepare for the appointment.


Tips for advising students who are:


Please help students identify where in their degree plan they have the most flexibility to take a semester or a year to study away. Generally, general education requirements and electives are the easiest to take while away, but finding substitutes for some specific major requirements can be possible, especially on National Student Exchange.



Students may need help selecting a schedule of courses from their host school. The Study Away advisor can assist with this, but the student may ask other advisors for assistance as well. If you are the student’s primary advisor, the Study Away advisor will add you as a signer in Docusign to approve the student’s overall plan in their advising agreement.



Students may need to get a new advising agreement approved if they significantly change their course schedule when they arrive at their host school. Students will also be adjusting to a potentially challenging new environment. Please alert the Study Away office if a student contacts you for assistance beyond what you’re able to provide or if you have any concerns.



It may take some time for transcripts from the host school to be received, so when advising students on registration for the first term or two back at UAF, classes the student has taken while away should be taken into consideration even if they are not yet posted on the student’s transcript/Degreeworks. Documentation should be available in Nanook Navigator.



Outreach and custom programs

Are you interested in:

  • Working with our office to identify programs that will meet your students’ needs?

  • Inviting the Study Away advisor to visit your class?

  • Advertising a short-term international program you are leading to more students?

  • Leading a short-term international program but are not sure where to start? 

Please get in touch! Email Anne at uaf-studyaway@alaska.edu or call 907-474-6516.