Information sessions

Attending a Study Away information session as a first step is highly encouraged. You will learn about types of programs available, academic and financial considerations, how to apply, and more.


Currently scheduled sessions for spring 2024 are:

  • Zoom Info Session, Tuesday, March 19th from 5-6pm. General info session for all interested in studying away.


  • Study Abroad Mini Fair! Thursday, March 21st from 12-3pm in the Wood Center Mall. Stop by to talk with visiting study abroad partners!


  • NEW for spring 2024: Study Away Coffee Hour! Drop by Arctic Java every Tuesday from 1-3pm to chat with the Study Away advisor and other students interested in, applying to, or returning from Study Away programs. This is a great chance to ask a quick question, start learning about the program, or hang out and exchange stories.


Interested in National Student Exchange? You can also attend a virtual National Student Exchange info session to learn more about the program.



Schedule an appointment

After attending an information session, schedule an in-person, video conference or phone appointment with the Study Away advisor to discuss program selection and next steps. If this is your first Study Away appointment, please schedule an "Intake Appointment".


Preparing for your appointment

Before your appointment, please log in to the UAF Study Away Portal and complete your “Traveler Intake.” This will help the advisor tailor the conversation to your situation and needs.

Please also consider and come prepared to discuss the questions below. You don’t need to have a definite answer for every question (it can help to have some flexibility too!), but it will help you get the most out of the appointment if you give these some thought beforehand.

  • Why are you interested in studying away?
  • What are your academic goals? Are there specific topics you want to study? Do you hope to take general education requirement courses, major/minor courses or a mix?
  • What are your personal goals? What do you want to accomplish, experience or learn outside the classroom?
  • Are there particular regions, countries or cities you are interested in? 
  • Do you prefer a larger or smaller city or university?
  • Do you know or want to learn another language? Is using or learning that language a priority? Can you already use it well enough to take normal courses in that language?
  • What is your comfort level with travel and new environments? How far do you want to stretch your comfort zone?
  • What financial aid or scholarships are you currently receiving? Are you interested in applying for other scholarships specifically for study abroad?
  • Do you have a passport already? Is it valid for six months past your planned return?
  • Do you meet all minimum requirements to study away, or are there any requirements you still need to work toward?
  • Do you have any concerns, special circumstances or particular needs you would like to discuss?
  • When do you want to study away? Do you want to go for a semester, a year or just a few weeks?
  • How would you rank academics, location, cost and other factors in your priorities for choosing a program?
  • What questions do you have?