How to apply

Minimum requirements

All students applying for study away programs through UAF must:

  • Be a degree-seeking student at UAF (working towards a certificate or an associate, bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree; you do not need to have a declared major).
  • Complete at least two full-time semesters (enrolled in 12 credits or more) as a degree-seeking student at UAF before the first semester away.
  • Be enrolled full-time at UAF the semester before your study away program.
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 when application is due, and have a minimum 2.5 semester GPA the semester before your study away program.
  • Have good academic, behavioral and financial standing at UAF, and no disciplinary probation status within a year of departure.
  • Have no incomplete (I) grades on transcript.

Please note:

  • Specific programs may have other requirements, such as a higher GPA or specific language proficiency requirements.
  • Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into a study away program, but all eligible students are encouraged to apply! Most eligible students are approved to participate if they apply on time and demonstrate on their application that they understand and are are prepared for what their chosen program will require academically, personally, and financially. However, failing to demonstrate these things by the application deadline may result in an application being denied.
  • If you no longer meet the minimum requirements the semester before your program starts, you will no longer be eligible to participate.

Transfer students who have completed at least one full-time semester at another university prior to transferring to UAF need to have completed at least one full-time semester at UAF before participation.

Dual-enrollment students (participating in North Star College, Alaska Advantage, etc. while enrolled in high school) are not degree-seeking at UAF and cannot use dual-enrollment registration toward the minimum two-semester requirement.

Special exceptions to the minimum requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You are encouraged to speak with the Study Away Advisor about your situation prior to applying.


Dates and deadlines

For exchange programs:

Apply by the priority deadline of Feb. 15 (Nov. 15 for Japan) for the next academic year (both fall and spring semester starts) to maximize your chance of placement.

For affiliate programs:

Submit your UAF application at least two weeks before the deadline listed on the program provider’s website, and no later than the final UAF deadline.

Final application deadlines for all program types:

  • Fall and summer start programs: April 1
  • Spring start programs: Oct. 1

Some programs may close before the final UAF deadline. Apply early for more options.

Program deadline details
Program Priority deadline Availability after priority deadline Final deadline for fall/summer Final deadline for spring
National Student Exchange Feb. 15 Check April 1 Oct. 1
International exchanges (except Japan) Check the UAF Study Away Portal
International exchanges to Japan Nov. 15
International affiliate programs N/A Check the program provider's website


When you’ll hear back:

If you apply by the priority deadline, you can expect news about your exchange placement from the Study Away Program office approximately a month after the application deadline. Japan exchange placements are decided by committee, and National Student Exchange priority placements are decided at a virtual conference in early March. International exchange placements also require coordination with host schools.

If you apply to an affiliate program or apply to an exchange program after the priority deadline, please allow up to two weeks for program approval or placement.


  • In the UAF Study Away Portal, select the program and term you want to apply for and start an application.

  • You only need to fill out one application; for exchange programs you will be able to select alternate programs in case you don’t get your first choice.

  • All programs require the submission of two recommendations, including at least one from a UAF instructor. Plan ahead and contact your recommenders early to give them plenty of time to complete the recommendation for you.

  • Pay the $50 non-refundable application fee and submit your application by the deadline.

  • Monitor your UA email account for notifications about next steps.

  • All study away participants need to complete a second external application to complete enrollment in the host school or program.

  • National Student Exchange: Once the UAF Study Away advisor has confirmed your placement, you will receive a “Placement Acceptance Form” to sign electronically, and within a few weeks you will be contacted directly by the host school with application instructions.

  • International exchanges: After the UAF Study Away advisor has nominated you to the host school, you will receive host school application instructions either from the Study Away advisor or directly from the host school.

  • International affiliate programs: You can complete your application on the program provider website at the same time as your UAF application, or any time before the deadline. Unlike with exchange programs, you do not need to wait to receive instructions first.
  • Consult with the Study Away advisor and your academic advisor to determine how your courses will transfer back to UAF, and and get courses approved by departments as needed.

  • Follow host school or program instructions to:

    • Register for classes

    • Apply for housing

    • Apply for a student visa (if needed)

    • Complete other host school/program requirements

  • Complete the pre-departure paperwork that appears in your UAF Study Away Portal account after your participation is confirmed.

  • Attend the study away pre-departure orientation session scheduled near the end of the term prior to your time away.

  • Plan and book your travel to your study away location!




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