Program Evaluation

M.Ed. in Counseling

Student Assessment Data

The Counseling Program Student Assessment Plan includes data that addresses student knowledge, skills and dispositions. At key points throughout the program, the following student assessment data is collected: admissions data, CACREP standards-based key assignment data; academic data; professional characteristics data, internship supervisor evaluation data; evaluation of student research data; and comprehensive exam data. This data is collected during admissions, coursework, internship, and degree culminating events. 

Students in the counseling program progress through a series of five transition points from admission to graduation. Student learning in each of the eight core areas and respective specialty areas are outlined in the document: Counseling Student Learning Transition Plan. Please contact the UAF Counseling Department Graduate Student Advisor or Department Chair for course syllabi and/or rubrics used for student assessment. To do so, email: or call 907-474-7341.