UAF Education Program Offerings in Southcentral Alaska

The UAF School of Education offers face to face and distance-delivered programs to students in the Southcentral region of Alaska, with internships and field practicums at all Southcentral school districts and a variety of face to face courses offered on the UAA campus. Southcentral students can work face to face with an Anchorage based advisor to choose the course sequence and class delivery formats that meet your needs and schedule, and help you achieve your career as an educator.

Below are UAF education programs available to students in Southcentral Alaska, as well as in Fairbanks and across the state. Programs that included face to face coursework options in Anchorage are designated with a (*). All programs that include fieldwork or internship components have the option of completing those components in Southcentral schools and agencies.

Undergraduate programs






Graduate Degrees

All programs are also available as distance education option.