Out-of-State Practicum Fee

Out-of-State and International Student Information and Program Fee Policy

The mission of the University of Alaska Social Work Department includes an emphasis on the diversity and uniqueness of rural Alaska. Our specialized funding is targeted at educating social work students in Alaska. Due to the priorities in our mission and funding we are currently unable to financially support out-of-state or international practicum placements without additional funding.

Students living outside of Alaska, either in the United States or Internationally, will be assessed a practicum fee in their final year of our program. A fee of $2000.00 will be charged out of state practicum students to offset the cost of developing and monitoring placements out of Alaska. This fee will be assessed in two sections, $1000.00 in Fall semester through SWK 461 Practicum in Social Work I, and $1000.00 in Spring semester through SWK 464 Practicum in Social Work II.

All out of state and international students will be required to apply for admission into practicum. Application for admission is in December of the previous year. Admission into practicum does not guarantee that the Field Director will be able to secure a practicum out of state or internationally. We will attempt to identify appropriate placements for out of state and international students, but despite our best efforts, we may not be able to place students outside Alaska. All placements are made at the discretion of the Field Director. All potential placements must meet the department and accreditation criteria for placement and be approved by the Field Director.