UAF Volunteers

18 & Older:

  1. Review the Guidelines on Using Volunteer Services
  2. Provide Information to be Given to UA Volunteers to your volunteer
  3. Fill out a Volunteer Qualification Checklist, then send to the following for approval if required:
    • Dean/Director - always required
    • Risk Management - required if Questions 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 on page 2 of the form are 'yes'
    • Human Resources - if Question 4 on page 2 of the form is 'yes'
  4. Keep a copy of the Volunteer Qualification Checklist on file in hard copy for 3 years, and in electronic format for an additional 4 years.
  5.  Ensure the volunteer completes Title IX training.


Contact UAF Risk Management 474-6015 or UAF Human Resources 474-7000 for information and additional requirements.


This checklist is the initial step to provide the legal worker's compensation coverage that volunteers would be afforded while doing work for the university.

Yes, each volunteer should have an accompanying checklist. If you have 10-20 volunteers with the same answers, doing the same work, with the same UAF supervisor; then you can fill out one checklist and send a list of all the volunteers' names and addresses that go with that checklist.

This is a common mistake. A collaborator is someone who works for another organization or institution, or is self-employed who is working or collaborating with UAF in order for both parties to benefit in some way. Typically guest speakers or key note speakers are not volunteers.

Another example would be a sponsor of a program, who works for another organization, who is volunteering their time on behalf of their company, they are a collaborator.

You do not fill out a volunteer checklist for collaborators.

No, volunteers cannot be supervised by someone they are related to or a cohabiting couple supervising one another. Volunteers must follow the policies that are required of employees with regard to supervision.

The checklist requires that volunteers be under the direct supervision of a university employee. Volunteers should be supervised in order to be sure that they are acting on behalf of the university at all times that they are volunteering for the university. They should be held to the same standard as an employee would be.

In order to be sure that the volunteer is representing the university's interests, direct supervision of their work is required.

No, to have a volunteer drive on behalf of the university you must send in a written request for a waiver.  Contact the risk manager for additional requirements.