Winter safety tips

Winter Driving

  • Check weather reports or travel advisories prior to departure ( LEAVE EARLY to avoid rushing
  • SEE AND BE SEEN – Completely clear ALL vehicle windows of condensation, frost, snow or ice before beginning to drive. Make sure your headlights are clear and the glass is clean.
  • SLOW DOWN – Give yourself double or triple the stopping distance. During winter use the “six second rule”
  • Watch and adjust for BLACK ICE. Lay off the accelerator in areas you suspect of having black ice. Bridges, overpasses, and intersections are known black ice locations
  • Always dress warm to include boots, even just going to the store. Have an emergency kit in the vehicle, with items such as additional blankets, warm clothes, extra food and water, candles, and traction sand
  • For your safety - Keep the gas tank near full at all times, serviceable wiper blades, antifreeze level, adequate tire pressure, and check tire tread or put on snow tires!

While at Work:

  • When snow and/or ice are present on sidewalks use the main entrances of buildings. They will be the first to be cleared and de-iced
  • Use extra caution exiting and entering your car. Parking lots have the highest slip and fall incidents.
  • Wear traction-soled shoes, boots, or ice cleats. If sidewalks are icy, walk in the grass for better traction if possible. Ice cleats are available at EHSRM
  • Allow more time! Being in a rush increases your chance of slipping and falling