Minors at Events

An adult and a few children

Minors on campus is a fantastic opportunity for potential UAF students to experience a part of UAF Campus Life and be encouraged to seek out their goals and dreams. With minors on campus also comes responsibility. We have the obligation to protect them while they are in our care.

For UAF Events, items that may be required are
(These apply to some events, but not all of them, for questions please contact Elizabeth Hughes-Hageman 474-6015, ephugheshageman@alaska.edu):

  1. Background checks for your volunteers and employees; form can be found at: Background Checks
  2. Protection of Minors training of your volunteer or employees through United Educators and the EHSRM website
    1. Employees - Please click here for access to the two required trainings.
    2. Volunteers - talk with your UAF supervisor for access to the United Educators training.
  3. Age restrictions for volunteers or chaperones, minimum of 21 years old.
  4. Adult to child ratios and requirements for chaperones for mixed groups is found in the UAF Protection of Minors policy.

For groups from outside UAF holding an event at a UAF facility, we require the following:

  1. A review of the UAF Protection of Minors policy.
  2. Completed criminal and sex offender background checks as described in the Protection of Minors policy.
  3. Awareness and reporting training for all adults that will be interacting with minors. (Please contact your UAF contact or Elizabeth Hughes-Hageman 907-474-6015, ephugheshageman@alaska.edu if you wish to have access to the UAF training).
  4. A certificate of insurance that names the University of Alaska Fairbanks as additional insured showing coverage for claims and losses of abuse.
  5. A signed form listing the authorized adults and caregivers responsible for the minors, the name of event, and certifying that they have been trained in protection of minors and completed a background check. This completed and signed form along with the certificate of insurances should be sent to Elizabeth Hughes-Hageman at ephugheshageman@alaska.edu.


For more information, please see the Protection of Minors website.