Awareness Training (PDF) and Policy and Reporting Training is required for everyone. Currently we are using United Educators as a resource for awareness training while the policy and reporting training is through Google Drive. (Policy Section 5.4)

The awareness training for employees and volunteers that do not work with minors is approximately 10 minutes long and is currently a one-time training. While the awareness training for employees and volunteers that work directly with minors will have a longer training and will need to repeat the training annually.

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Mission Statement

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), as part of its mission, promotes and engages in many programs, events and activities that involve Minors throughout all of its campuses. Minors’ protection and safety is of the highest priority for UAF and its departments. The purpose of this policy is to protect Minors engaged in programs, events and activities provided or endorsed by UAF.

What's New

Watch new video

Please take time to watch UAF's Protection of Minors Video on Reporting Minor Abuse. Our thanks go out to Chancellor White for his supporting role in its creation and to Mark Oldmixon for taking on this project. We hope this encourages you to report any minor abuse that you may witness.

New Protection of Minors Training on MyUA

UA Statewide Risk recently purchased the option to place Praesidium’s Protection of Minors (POM) training suite in the myUA Learning Library.  Twenty Seven options are available for you to expand your knowledge in how to protect the minors that are in your care and control.   

We have created a spreadsheet listing all of the available training with guidance showing applicability to certain areas.  You can find this in the Quick Links section in the right hand column. Some of these trainings may not apply to your activity/work with minors.  As an Authorized Adult, you will need to take the Protection of Minors – Duty to Report:  Mandated Reporter training annually along with another training POM training.  Your Program Leader will let you know which training to take on an annual basis. 

You can access this site by going to myUA, clicking on my UA Services Dashboard, logging in, then clicking on My Community, then Learning Library. Once in the Learning Library, in the search box type protection of minors to pull up all of the training. 

If you have any questions, please use the contact information listed on this page.

Mandated Reporters

There has been an update in the definition of Mandated Reporters that will be reflected in the updated POM policy.  The following has been approved by Chancellor White.

UAF Mandated Reporters includes those persons in the definition below associated with the state of Alaska Statutes and the UA regulations that apply, and the following: 

  • UAF Chancellor
  • Provost and Vice Provost
  • UAF Vice and Associate Vice Chancellors,
  • Campus Directors
  • Title IX Coordinator and Investigators
  • Authorized Adults
  • Protection of Minors Committee Members
  • Director of the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Human Resources Director and Consultant 

Mandated Reporters are defined by that state of Alaska in AS 47.17.020 as: (a) . . . persons who, in the performance of their occupational duties, their appointed duties under (8) of this subsection, or their volunteer duties under (9) of this subsection, have reasonable cause to suspect that a child has suffered harm as a result of child abuse or neglect shall immediately report the harm to the nearest office of the department:

  1. practitioners of the healing arts;
  2. school teachers and school administrative staff members, including athletic coaches, of public and private schools;
  3. peace officers and officers of the Department of Corrections;
  4. administrative officers of institutions;
  5. child care providers;
  6. paid employees of domestic violence and sexual assault programs, and crisis intervention and prevention programs as defined in AS 18.66.990;
  7. paid employees of an organization that provides counseling or treatment to individuals seeking to control their use of drugs or alcohol;
  8. members of a child fatality review team established under AS 12.65.015(e) or 12.65.120 or the multidisciplinary child protection team created under AS 47.14.300; and
  9. volunteers who interact with children in a public or private school for more than four hours a week.

UA R09.12.030.F (PDF) also includes persons who process or produce visual or printed matter, either privately or commercially; and members of a child fatality review team or the multidisciplinary child protection team.


If you do not work with minors, the training policy requires all employees to complete Awareness and Policy and Reporting Training (PDF). This training is to be completed every 3 years.

There are requirements if you choose to bring your child (age 10 and under) on research trips. The policy does require that you bring a separate caregiver (this cannot be research staff or students) for the child so that you may continue to do your work. In addition a release of liability form must be signed prior to travel arrangements being made. EHSRM will review the trip for any additional requirements regarding traveling with a child. 

Any family member accompanying a UAF employee during travel must fill out a release form (PDF).

  1. Notifying EHSRM as soon as possible is the first step. 
    • For UAF sponsored events, you will use the UAF events form.
    • For UAF programs, classes or activities, including Summer Sessions, contact should be made directly to EHSRM (474-6164 or 474-5487).
  2. Completing the Mandated Reporter Training and one additional POM training on myUA is your next step. Please link the Mandated Report and POM training to myUA 
  3. You, your staff and volunteers may also need background checks.

EHSRM will contact you and discuss additional requirements when they receive your registration. 

If you work directly with minors for your job at UAF you may need a background check if: you are alone with minors or they are under your care, custody or control.

If you have been doing these tasks in the past and have not had a background check, you will need to have one completed before you continue your work with minors. Background checks must be completed every three years.

Background checks will be administered through the University of Alaska Human Resources using the provided form (PDF). Payment of the check is now paid by the Human Resources office.

If the volunteer works with minors, they will need to take the POM training and may need to have a background check. Each request will be reviewed by EHSRM. Go to the volunteer website for more information.

Whoever is supervising, mentoring and/or working with the minor volunteer will need to complete the POM Training and may be subject to a background check. Volunteers who are minors and working, mentoring, or supervising other minors will need to complete POM training and may be subject to a background check. Go to the volunteer website for more information.