Protection of Minors

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Mission Statement

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), as part of its mission, promotes and engages in many programs, events and activities that involve Minors throughout all of its campuses.   Protection and safety of Minors is of the highest priority for UAF and its departments.   The purpose of this policy is to provide protection of Minors engaged in programs, events and activities provided or endorsed by UAF.


What training is required for everyone?

I don’t work with minors, how does this policy affect me?

How do I report a suspected or potential abuse or maltreatment of minors?

Can I bring my child with me on a research trip?

I have a camp that includes minors, what do I have to do now?

Do I need a background check now?

How do I get a background check?

How does this affect volunteers?

What if my volunteer is a minor?

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