Issue 45.1

A vintage photograph with light leaks portrays people rollerskating on a checkerboard floor rink under a canopy on balloons. Image courtesy of Marina Outwater

Roll Away by Marina Outwater



Written From the Passenger Seat of a '98 Chevy at Dusk in July by Nick Olah

Caves I've Entered But Don't Know The Names Of, If They Have Names, And, If They Don't, Who Am I to Give Them One? by Joseph Lafata

Benihana by Robyn Schelenz

Rustless by Matthew Donovan

I Have Decided by Holly Day

You can't just go around by Brandon Krieg

Hyacinth Blue by Jessie Carty

Put Someone Else in the Center by Lauren Camp

Still Necessary by Lisa Rhoades

Stanley Tucci Is in Sardinia and I’m on Your Sofa by Kara Lewis

Self-Portrait as Barred Owl by Sarah Giragosian



Stomp by Steven Fromm

Reality by Laurence Klavan

Hills & Dales Shopping Centre by Eric Van Hoose

A Slow Burn by Daniel Webre

Last Day at Osso Bucco Magazine by Jason Peck



East Palestine, Ohio: February 2023 by Ashley Anderson

In the House of Eternal Return by Michael Sheehan

Other People's Email by Andy Stevens

She Wants to Swim with Narwhals by Billie Hinton



The Blue Version by Joshua Corson

Dead Metaphors by Ockert Greeff

Latitude [An Unmade Picture] by Mathew Weitman

east of domestic by J I Kleinberg

you are a National Park by J I Kleinberg



Vanitas Redux by Erica Catherine Matthews

Roll Away by Marina Outwater