Institutional Information

Organizational Chart

The UAF organizational chart describes the hierarchal relationships between the departments within UAF. 
Download the UAF Organizational Chart (PDF)


The University of Alaska Fairbanks is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.  For more information, please visit the UAF Accreditation website.
UAF also holds several specialized accreditations, certifications and standards.  For a complete list, please visit the UAF Specialized Accreditation website.

Strategic Planning


Complete budgeting information can be found on the Office of Management & Budget website. OMB serves as the budget development, analysis, and strategic management arm of Administrative Services.
Download the 2022 Financial Review (PDF)

Campus Master Plan

A Campus Master Plan is a planning document that supports academic, strategic, and capital plans, providing a framework for their implementation.  A CMP identifies the existing and preferred campus land uses, buildings, landscapes, open space, pedestrian and vehicular circulation systems, and conceptual plans for development and improvement.
View UAF's Campus Master Plan.

Future Goals

The 2027 Strategic Plan defines six aspirational goals that reflect our mission, core themes and key messaging.
View the UAF 2027 Strategic Plan.

Peer Institutions

Peer institutions are postsecondary institutions selected to provide a basis for comparison of retention rates and graduation rates against UAF. These universities and colleges are key to assessing outcomes within various capacities at UAF. 
View our Peer Institutions here.