PAIR Reports

PAIR provides information, analytics, data visualizations, and reports regarding the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the higher education environment. Reports are released yearly, quarterly, or weekly, depending on the report. Below is a directory of the public and private reports that PAIR provides. Private reports are only accessible with a UAF login. 

For more information on the data used for theses reports, visit the About the Data page. 

Early Semester Enrollment Reports for the upcoming term are released weekly until late registration for the term closes. These reports contain student headcounts, credit hours, and admissions information. 

Early Semester Reports

The Common Data Set (CDS) is a standardized report completed annually for response to national and regional surveying agencies. The CDS is completed by individual higher education institutions nationwide and is administered by the Common Data Set Initiative. UAF releases this report annually in October/November. 

Common Data Set (CDS)

The Fact Sheet is a summary of statistics released annually in the spring, and encompasses data from the past fiscal year. The Fact Sheet includes summary information on student enrollment and demographics, expenditures, financial aid, and employee headcounts. 

UAF Fact Sheet

The Fact Book serves as an internal reference of the annual enrollment activity here at UAF. Unlike the Fact Sheet, this report is more detailed, and allows the user to disaggregate or filter the data by selected values. A UAF login is required to view the data. 

UAF Fact Book