Sample Funded Proposals


 Many sponsors and agencies make successful proposals available to researchers.  A selection of these is contained below. Note that each sample proposal link will open a .pdf document.  


National Endowment for the Humanities


The National Endowment for the Humanities typically provides 3-4 sample proposals for each funding opportunity. The following are links to samples provided by NEH.  

 This list is a just a small selection of the samples which NEH makes available.  Please visit the NEH program pages directly to access additional sample proposals.


National Institutes of Health


Within the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) provides a wide range of sample applications and summary statements.  The NIAID website has samples for the following:


National Science Foundation


While NSF does not publish funded proposals online, there are universities and individuals that do.  Please visit the following sites for samples.

  • NSF Cultural Anthropology Samples:  Dr. John Bunce provides a 2011 rejected proposal, along with the reviewer's comments and panel summary for that year.  He then provides the 2012 successful proposal with the comments and panel summary.  This is a wonderful resource that demonstrates how someone successfully responded to reviewer's comments.  
  • NSF Earth Science Samples:  Teach the Earth provides a number of successful earth science proposals available to the public.
  • NSF CAREER proposals - 5 funded proposals related to Geosciences (On the Cutting Edge)
    NSF CAREER math proposal - (Brooke Shipley)


U.S. Department of Education


The Department of Education provides access to a variety of information, including successful grant applications in their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Reading Room.  The selection below was taken directly from their website.




 Other Sources



Resources for Sample Proposals


Additional Resources
  • Adventures of Cyberbee: The site provides a sample outline and a suggested approach for education-related proposals.
  • CIVICUS World Alliance for Civic Participation: CIVICUS has a proposal toolkit that provides instruction on planning and writing a proposal and includes a sample proposal.
  • Community Tool Box: The Community Tool Box offers a comprehensive proposal outline that includes proposal guidance, links to tools for proposal development, and two sample proposals.
  • Udemy course Federal Grant Writing 101 with Dr. Beverly Browning: Dr. Browning's course includes excerpts from two of her funded proposals (one to a foundation, one to a U.S. government agency). The course has a list price of $49.
  • National Marine Fishery Service: The National Marine Fishery Service has provided an annotated proposal outline covering proposal development and writing phases.
  • World Bank Blog: On the World Bank blog, a reviewer of World Bank proposals for impact evaluation work provides tips for stronger proposals.

University of Northern Colorado – Assessment Mini Grant Proposals