Admission Requirements and Prerequisites

Selection of Ph.D. applicants is based on undergraduate and post-baccalaureate GPA, general GRE scores, letters of recommendation, Statement of Intent, and, for some positions, suitable field or laboratory experience. In addition to these criteria, applicants are evaluated on their publications, professional presentations, and previous teaching and research experience. Most students applying for admission to the Ph.D. program should already have an advanced degree in a relevant field, but exceptional students with a bachelor's degree sometimes are admitted directly to the Ph.D. program.

Applicants must comply with University Requirements for a doctoral degree and admission to graduate studies as detailed in the UAF Catalog. Applicants must provide a Statement of Intent indicating why the student wishes to pursue a Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Sustainability at UAF, their research interests, and their professional goals and objectives. Applicants are to include a professional vitae, GRE scores, and three professional letters of references with their application.

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