Experiential Learning

Internship and volunteer opportunities abound and are strongly encouraged!

Students can gain pre-professional experience by working as interns with resource management agencies or conservation organizations over the summer or during the school year. Various state agencies offer internships along with other organizations that are periodically posted on the listserv. Other potential internship opportunities are listed below. If you would like to sign up to receive academic upper division credit, you must fill out the following form with your Faculty Advisor.

Independent study

If you are unable to find a paid internship, research experience, or part-time natural resources job right away, don't give up.

You can get additional experience on campus. Get to know faculty, graduate students, and staff. Go to office hours. Ask questions. Don't be afraid to be interested and enthusiastic. If you are intimidated by face-to-face contact with a total stranger, give them a call or send an email first. Scan through faculty websites and talk to teaching assistants and advisors to find out who is doing the kind of work that interests you. Then talk to those professors or graduate students to find out if they could use a volunteer on their research projects. Again, it gets your foot in the door and is valuable experience.

If you wish to earn academic credit for this experience, Independent Study (NRM 297, 397, 497) credits are for students working directly with UA faculty either on or off campus. To enroll, fill out the following form with your advisor for the project.

Online resources for on the job training