DNRE Undergraduate Information

studentThe natural resources management degree integrates knowledge in natural science, policy, economics and human values to advance the sustainable management of natural resources and agricultural systems. Students learn through classroom instruction, hands-on laboratory experiences, internships and independent research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Successful graduates will be qualified for employment in a broad range of private enterprise, government agencies and nonprofit organizations in the various natural resources fields, and will be well-equipped for graduate studies. Caring for the Earth's resources makes for interesting study and rewarding careers. Be a part of building the trail to a sustainable future right now.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

After completion of the NRE BS you will:

  • Accurately cite key NR-related laws & policy
  • Competently apply ecological and social science measurements to gather dataResearch Day                                         
  • Critically analyze data
  • Appreciate multiple perspectives of NR issues
  • Make informed decisions to sustainably manage natural resources

Degree requirements:

Minor requirements: