Adobe CC @ UA FAQs


Adobe Creative Cloud 6 (CS6), including Acrobat Pro XI, has been offered to UA students, staff, and faculty for many years at no cost through the NTS Keyserver. Unfortunately, support for Adobe CS6 was discontinued by Adobe in 2014 and Acrobat Pro XI in 2017. As a result, the software is now outdated and lacks a number of features crucial to UA business processes, such as ADA and accessibility requirements, compatibility with newer macOS computers, and security safeguards. 

While access to PDF-authoring and creative suite tools is essential, the inherent issues have made continued use of these versions no longer possible. Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and Adobe CS6 will be discontinued at UA on May 9, 2022.

The FAQ accordian directly below this titled 'Are there any free/low-cost alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud?' includes a list of alternatives to the old Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and Adobe CS6.

What follows are low-cost alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Please be advised the University of Alaska does not endorse any of the following vendors or their products, but is pleased to provide this information for references purposes only.

Adobe Photoshop Affinity Photo
Photopea / SumoPaint
GIMP / Glimpse Image Editor
Adobe Illustrator Krita
Adobe InDesign Scribus
Adobe Lightroom RawTherapee / Darktable
Adobe Acrobat

Foxit PDF Editor Pro

Adobe Premiere DaVinci Resolve
Adobe Audition Audacity

Users who only need the features found in Adobe Acrobat should plan to start using Foxit PDF Creator. For information about all of the options available to replace Adobe Acrobat, visit the PDF Editing Options page.

Your existing license will not be automatically consolidated. If you would like to take advantage of the discounts available through this program please discontinue your existing license then fill out the UA Adobe Creative Cloud request form (UAFUAA/UAS Community, UAF/System EmployeesUAF Student Employees, or UAF Students - Instructional Use). 

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Student with Department Sponsor
  • Student Employee with Department Sponsor

Students who need access to Adobe Creative Cloud, but do not have a departmental sponsor, are eligible to purchase Adobe CC for students and teachers at a discounted price.

For departmental license requests or change to an Adobe Creative Cloud license on behalf of a department employees and/or students submit the UA Adobe Creative Cloud request form (UAA/UAS Community, UAF/System EmployeesUAF Student Employees, or UAF Students - Instructional Use).

Visit Configure/Install Software for assistance with software configuration.

Visit Report a Problem for assistance with how to do something, have something done you don't have permissions for, or get answers to questions about Adobe CC @ UA.

For other requests related to Adobe CC @ UA, contact the NTS Service Desk.

The cost of the application is paid for by departments. Licenses purchased after the start of the contract period will be prorated through the end of our subscription period (which is August). An example for this would be if a person requests (1) software license in January, then the cost for that license for the eight months remaining on the contract period would be about $94.67. At the start of the next contract period, the license(s) will be renewed at the normal price. The license(s) will be automatically renewed at the start of each fiscal year at the requesting department's expense, unless NTS receives a ticket prior to July 1 requesting the cancellation of some, or all, of the department's license renewal.

  • License: Per named person
  • Cost of Student (academic work): $142.00 person/year
  • Cost of Employee (Staff, Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, or Student Employee): $251.00 person/year

Since this software has a cloud component, but is primarily installed on the desktop, the software is available 24/7/365. Installing the Creative Cloud App on a computer allows for access to all of the applications included in the suite.