Study away and explore the world

A person with shoulder-length hair and glasses holds a UAF pennant with the seaside in the background.
Photo courtesy of Amelia Joyce
Student Amelia Joyce participated in UAF's exchange program with the University of Glasgow, Scotland during the 2022 - 2023 academic year.

Have you always wanted to travel internationally? Or do you feel ready to spend some time living in another state? These transformative experiences can be part of your UAF journey. The Study Away Program is here to help send you on your way.

“Study away” is simply a more inclusive term for study abroad, encompassing not only international programs but exchange within the U.S. as well. It’s a way to spend a semester, year or summer at one of hundreds of partner universities around the country and the world while earning resident credit towards your UAF degree.

Study away opportunities

Study away students come from all majors, and go all over the world. Knowledge of another language and travel experience are not required. Search our program database to see all programs.  Through the National Student Exchange program, you can spend a semester or year in Canada or another U.S. state or territory. Our international exchange programs, including the north2north program and 16 individual university partnerships, allow you to spend time at partner schools in Europe, Japan and Singapore. You may have also met students from these universities studying here on campus. In addition, UAF is affiliated with several study abroad provider organizations that expand the offerings available to programs on every continent. 

Cost and logistics

Studying away can be surprisingly affordable. When participating in exchange, you pay normal UAF tuition and continue receiving all financial aid and scholarships. There are also other programs that include housing and cost little or even no more than a semester at UAF. For example, check out affiliate programs in Thailand and Costa Rica. You can still use most financial aid on these types of programs. Don’t have a passport yet? Did you know that we have our very own passport services office right on campus? Check out our website for more information on the logistics of studying away.

Learn more and apply

Given the sometimes overwhelming number of opportunities available, you are encouraged to talk with the Study Away advisor for guidance. A great place to start is by dropping by Study Away coffee hour every Tuesday from 1 - 3 p.m. in Arctic Java. You can also schedule an advising appointment. Once you’ve picked out a program, it’s time to apply. The final deadline for summer and fall start programs is April. It’s best to plan and apply with time to spare. If you want to go next fall, start now. Most programs are not competitive, but you must demonstrate on your application that you are prepared.

Part of the application process involves making a plan for what courses you will take, with back-up options. Once you’re approved to participate, you’ll get courses pre-approved to apply to your degree. The Study Away advisor and your regular academic advisor can give you guidance on this process.

Contact Anne Triest, Study Away academic advisor, at 907-474-6516 or with questions or to get involved.