Navigating success: UAF Career Services paving pathways to professional excellence

Nicole Goff, director of Career Services, works with River Schumann, a former UAF student, on exploring different career options as Schumann prepares to graduate.
UAF photo by Eric Engman
Nicole Goff, director of Career Services, works with River Schumann, a former UAF student, on exploring different career options as Schumann prepares to graduate.

— By Nicole Goff, director of Career Services

Career Services at the University of Alaska Fairbanks strives to support our students in their journey toward fulfilling their professional aspirations. More than just a resource center, Career Services serves as a steadfast ally in guiding students through the dynamic landscape of career development. Career Services hosted its largest Spring Career Week this spring, welcoming 133 employers and over 600 students and alumni on Feb. 20 and 22.

Mission: Career success

A singular mission drives Career Services: to prepare and empower students and alumni at every stage of their career journey. Through a blend of resources, experiences, and connections, we strive to equip students/alumni with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the professional world.

Unlocking the essence of career services

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to bridging the gap between student aspirations and professional opportunities. Picture us as the vital link connecting students' ambitions with the demands of the job market. Our goal is simple: to empower students to explore, develop, and succeed in their chosen career path.

Career Services is the centralized career center to serve all UAF students and alumni. Career Services supports students to:

  • Explore personal values, interests, and strengths through opportunities that build clarity about their goals.
  • Develop and effectively articulate career knowledge, skills, and experiences.
  • Connect with real-world experience in their fields of interest and network with alumni and employer partners. 
  • Succeed in entering the global workforce and advancing their careers as thriving professionals.

Signature programs: Your gateway to opportunities

UAF Career Services offers a diverse range of signature programs designed to support students' professional journeys. From the renowned Fall Career Fair to specialized events like the Spring Engineering Career Fair, students have ample opportunities to engage with potential employers and explore various career paths. Our cutting-edge Career Management Platform, Handshake, provides students with access to extensive job opportunities and networking resources. Additionally, targeted events like Accounting Recruitment Week and the Student Employee Job Fair enhance students' career prospects.

Personal career toolkit: Tailored resources for students

Encourage students to confidently navigate their career journeys by utilizing our wide range of resources and support services:

Introducing a new offering: Complimentary professional headshots for students

We're delighted to share some exciting news! As a testament to our dedication to fostering professional growth, we're thrilled to announce the introduction of complementary professional headshots for students. We aim to empower students to present themselves with confidence and professionalism as they embark on their career journeys.

In conclusion, Career Services at UAF is more than just a resource center – it's a gateway to a world of opportunities. Join us as we empower students to navigate the complexities of the professional landscape and unlock their full potential. We eagerly anticipate our transition to the Student Success Center in Fall 2024, where we envision broadening our services even more. Among our exciting plans is the establishment of a Career Closet, where students can access professional attire at no cost, thus enhancing their opportunities for success. If you have any questions or if there is anything that you need from Career Services please do not hesitate to contact us.