MPC Recommendations Related to Formation of a Subcommittee for the North Campus Area

To: Chancellor Marshall Lind From: John D. Craven, Chair UAF Master Planning Committee Subject: MPC Recommendations Related to Formation of a Subcommittee for the North Campus Area

This recommendation seeks to address the recurring issue of responsibility for the North Campus area, one part of which is the trails system. As used herein, North Campus denotes those lands north of North Tanana Drive and the road's incomplete extension to the IARC parking lot, and then south to the Experiment Station.


    1. It is recommended that the chancellor create a North Campus Subcommittee whose purpose is to represent all valid UAF stakeholders and identify the existing valid academic, research, service, and recreational functions of those lands for all members of the UAF community; students, staff, faculty. This committee will be a subcommittee of the Master Planning Committee, with a member of the MPC serving on the North Campus Subcommittee. The Master Planning Committee must approve all actions of its subcommittee.

    2. It is recommended that the subcommittee be manageable in size, about eight members. This may be difficult as it is further recommended that the initial committee represent the following general groups, where specific examples are provided to assist in interpretation: biological sciences (terrestrial ecology, deer yards, and animal research), forestry sciences (arboretum), agriculture (experimental farm), physical sciences (seismology and infrasound), teaching laboratories (biology, geology, NRM), athletics (ski team), and recreation (summer and winter trails). A community representative should be included as well as an ex-officio member to represent Facilities Services. Other valid stakeholders may well exist and should be included. The members of this committee must avoid conflicts of self-interest. It is recommended that the chancellor appoint the chair in a manner consistent with his needs and expectations.

    3. It is recommended that the MPC North Campus Subcommittee develop use and management plans consistent with the UAF Campus Master Plan's established principles for this area. Their plans should take into account such relevant documents as the UAF Skarland Trail System Management Plan (May 2000), the Smith Lake Conservation Area Management Plan (May 1993), work of the Arboretum Committee, and other current and historical documents related to the North Campus.

    4. It is recommended that Facilities Services be assigned formal responsibility for maintaining the existing lands consistent with the UAF Campus Master Plan, and that Facilities Services may at its discretion through approved procedures transfer day-to-day responsibility to other UAF departments or organizations. As examples: operation of and harvesting on the several fields; routine maintenance of summer and winter trails; or assignment of research plots within areas previously identified for research by a specific entity, such as biology, that uses an oversight committee.

    5. It is recommended that development within the North Campus that is shown to be fully consistent with the UAF Campus Master Plan can proceed upon concurrence of Facilities Services. Information copies of correspondence are to be forwarded to the Master Planning Committee but no action is required when work is consistent with the UAF Campus Master Plan.

    6. It is recommended that the mechanism through which valid users gain access for new research projects, for example or other valid purposes must be established by the MPC North Campus Subcommittee, as must the definition of what constitutes a valid use.

    7. It is recommended that the appropriate administrative officer draft policies regarding legal issues related to maintenance and alteration activities on these lands. Unauthorized activities would be subject to university legal action. The MPC North Campus Subcommittee would meet with appropriate administrative officers to understand existing UAF legal obligations for activities within the North Campus, some research activities are examples, and to contribute during the development of future obligations.