Mining Camps

Mining Certificate

The candidate for a certificate in either the Underground or the Surface Mine Training will be an individual seeking employment in a mining or support related industry. This training takes place at MAPTS Training Center located in Delta Junction, Alaska. The Training Center is a partnership between MAPTS, Yukon College and the mining industry.

MAPTS Mining Courses

The Underground Mine Training Camp and the Surface Mining Operations Camp programs orient the student to the rigors of remote camp life and mining operations in a training mine that simulates activities of an actual underground and surface working mine. Students begin the program with MSHA compliance training, followed by a module that addresses employability skills. An important feature of the training develops and refines hand-eye coordination and muscle memory mastery as the student completes operational tasks required of underground heavy equipment operators using state-of-the-art multi-million dollar heavy equipment simulator. The simulated training is a testing ground that instills recognized Industry and manufacturer’s best practices and policies and procedures. The student quickly advances to hands-on operator training in the actual heavy equipment currently used in production mines. Students also participate in introductory scaling, rock bolting, jackleg drilling, mucking (load/haul/dump) operations and utility work. The training is delivered within a ten hour day, over two fourteen-day shifts. MAPTS training incorporates a Soft Skills module which promotes essential life skills that are reiterated throughout the program.

The Underground Mine Training Camp and the Surface Mine Training Camp satisfies exemplary workforce safety standards required in Alaska and across the continental United States and Canada and develops vetted, skilled workers.

Developing a skilled local workforce for all phases of the mining process is of significant value to the mining industry. It helps companies lower operating costs and reduces the need to move personnel from other parts of the country. In addition to reducing safety and environmental risks, it allows earned wages to remain local, within the State or Province.

The MAPTS team of exemplary instructors builds a culture of success in both the classroom and the industrial job site. The goal is to put qualified Alaskans and Canadians to work.

Underground Mine Training (280 hours)

 This remote onsite course prepares the participant for the first stages of a career as a new underground production miner.

This is a six-week program that will teach participants how to: work at a remote site location; work safely underground; understand the language of the underground; “read the ground”,  bar down and bolt; operate a jackleg drill; understand the mining cycle; operate an underground loader and mucker; hang pipe and underground utilities.

Surface Mine Training (140 hours)

This remote onsite course prepares the participant for an entry-level career as a new miner at a surface mine.

This is a two-week program that will teach participants how to: work at a remote site location; work safely in a surface mine; learn and understand the mining cycle; operate heavy equipment used at surface mines; perform light maintenance.

In both the Underground and Surface course, a participant will learn:

  • Employability Skills / Soft Skills
  • Communication and interpersonal relationship skills
  • How to succeed in a job that brings good money, good working conditions, and great pride in accomplishment and skill development
  • How to make a career in this important industry
  • Understand and successfully perform mining techniques and be knowledgeable in mining terminology

Contact the MAPTS main office for any questions about our training camps and for information about how to apply.

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