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Email address to order 5000-23...or call MSHA 707-447-9844
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NEW: 48 Experienced Miner Training versus Refresher Training

Children and Mining:
Alaska Child Labor Law
Child Labor: Federal Law

Absent from Mining:
Absent from Part 48 Surface mining for 5 years or more..

Independent Contractors:
How do I apply for a MSHA ID# if I am Independent
Contractor who works at a Mine?


Training Plan for Part 48 Mines (including Placer)
30 CFR Part 48 requires mine operators to develop and submit to MSHA a training plan that outlines their company's procedure for training miners. We've attached a blank, interactive form that you can use to develop your plan. This plan does NOT apply to shell dredging, sand, gravel, surface stone, surface clay, colloidal phosphate, or surface limestone mines, which are covered by Part 46.
Apply for a Mine ID#
All MSHA Forms
Task Training Matrix (note: helps determine job tasks for each position)
5000-23 - online ...How to complete a 5000-23..
56 H&S Standards (Surface)
Mine Data Retrieval System (See Mine Info/Contractor Info)
Mine Open or Close Report
Guide for MSHA's Small Mine Operator (Note: Large file 37.6 MB - download approx. 4 min+)

Training Plan for Part 46 Mines - Sand and Gravel Operations
30 CFR Part 46.3 requires that Part 46 mine operators develop a training plan that outlines their company's procedure for training miners. We've attached a blank, interactive form that you can use to develop your plan; plus an example for a fictitious company to give you an idea of what a completed plan might look like. In addition to the training plan for miners, the mine operator must implement a method that informs visitors of mine hazards. This may be accomplished by signage at the mine and, as demonstrated here, the use of a site-specific hazard awareness training plan.

Apply for a Mine ID#

All MSHA Forms Quarterly Report - online filing
Site Spec Training Cert  
Toolbox Training for Aggregate Ops  
Part 46 Workplace Checklist Haul Truck Drivers ONLY
56 H&S Standards (Surface)  
Mine Date Retrieval System - Locate a mine in the MSHA data system
Mines Workplace Checklists
A quick check list to help you see how you are doing meeting your MSHA mine requirements.
Part 48/56 Surface Workplace Checklist...
Part 48 (M/NM) 56/(57 Standard) Underground Workplace Checklist ...Part 46 (Sand & Gravel) Workplace Checklist

Examination of Workplaces
MSHA 56.18002 requires that a competent person examine each working place at least once every shift for conditions that affect safety and and health; in addition, a supervisor is required to examine these as well. We've developed a daily sign-off form for the employee and supervisor to use.

Examination of Workplaces ......Best Practice Pocket Cards

Take all of those MSDS' out of your file cabinet and put them into a binder that is accessible to all your employees. To make your life easier, we've created pages that go into a binder, along with a Hazardous Chemical Inventory form, which has fields that you can type into.

Haz Com Program Example
HazCom Binder Pages..
Hazardous Chemical Inventory Form
NIOSH HazCom Helper Software Tool (on far right of page)

Mine Open/Close
We've taken MSHA's Mine Open/Close form and made it interactive. The form provided here is for Alaska.
Mine Open/Close Form

Transportation Info
Not an MSHA requirement. Toss this checklist in the glove box of each vehicle, along with a disposable camera. In the event of an accident, it prompts your employees to document pertinent information that may be crucial later.

Vehicle Accident Checklist ...

First Aid
Use our First Aid Plan Evaluation form to help you see gaps in your program, or help put all your response information in one place. Another tool that students enjoy receiving is our CPR Prompt card. Use the template to print cards, cut them out and laminate for handy wallet cards. Emergencies are stressful enough without wondering if you remember the proper technique.

First Aid Plan Evaluation..........First Aid Suggestions
CPR Prompt Card Template ..

MAPTS has developed a powerpoint presentation that addresses Blasting Awareness. Adapt this presentation to your own needs.
Blasting Awareness Powerpoint (11.4 MB)

Mine Emergencies
A Critical Item Checklist for Mine Emergencies - Post on Company Bulletin Board
Checklist for Mine Emergencies ....
Immediately Reportable Accidents - One Call Does it All