Surface Mining Training Camp

Learning to operate giant equipment is exciting and just part of a very comprehensive Surface Mine Training Camp!

From the moment you step off the bus, you will know you are in for a fantastic opportunity. No previous experience operating equipment is required. Our fast-paced class is taught by Surface Mine Instructors that have years of experience operating mine equipment and developing a successful and safe employee.

The Surface Mining Training Camp is 140 hours comprising 14 ten-hour work days. In addition to a compliance course for MSHA's Part 48 Surface Inexperienced Newly-Employed Miner and basic first aid and CPR, you will learn mining terminology, communication techniques, signaling, equipment inspections and light maintenance duties that are all part of a surface mine operator's job. The same ThoroughTec simulators that are used in the underground training are utilized in the surface training, with the cabs switched out for appropriate (or near approximation) of the actual equipment on site. The instructor guides you through a demanding set of criteria that has proven to develop an operator that is safe and alert with a high level of confidence that only MAPTS training provides. After completing the simulator training and passing the proficiency exams, you and your team members will quickly move on to operating the heavy equipment.

Our driving track and arena is challenging and requires a high level of attention to situational awareness. You will learn how to use radios and signals to communicate effectively and safely with other operators, vendors and persons working and learning how to navigate within the surface quarry and driving arena. 

This employer-influenced curriculum not only teaches you critical technical skills required for an entry-level position, it provides you with the confidence and competent skills that are necessary to develop a lifelong career. 

Part of the success of this program is making sure you have the understanding and tools necessary to maintain a well-balanced life at home. This includes budget management and life/career planning, quality family time and a greater level of community involvement and volunteerism. When you show up for work, the employer wants to get you trained in mining-related skills right away; they don't have time to develop the soft skills in you - the new employee - that will keep you motivated and advancing in your career and happy at home. 

When a student completes MAPTS training, employers know they are getting an employee that has the tools to be successful and the ability to work at a busy, remote site with a demanding work schedule - who can safely perform their duties and be a good fit for their team and operation right from the start.