Our Yarn

We offer a variety of blends and colors of qiviut yarn. Our 100% qiviut lace weight yarn is the most popular andcomes in the natural brown, as well as a variety of solid colors. We have recently started to carry more hand painted qiviut; each skein is a beautiful and unique blend of three bold vibrant colors. No two skiens are alike, and the result is a beautiful swirl of color in your knitted item.

ball yarn

We also blend our qiviut with different fibers, mostly silk or merino. The blends are just as wonderful, and give the qiviut yarn a slightly different handle when knitting. Our blends also come in a variety of colors, as well as hand painted.

yarn box

Qiviut can be purchased in our gift shop during our summer tour season (May- September, or in the Museum of the North's gift shop year round. You can also find our yarn in our online store.