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The R.G. White Large Animal Research Station (LARS) has a broad mission to support research, education, and outreach on Alaskan animals. We support the interests and activities of UAF scientists but we also serve scientists from other institutions and organizations in the United States and from around the world. LARS is a 130 acre facility on Yankovich Road currently housing muskoxen and reindeer but is also periodically home to other large animals. We are located on a former homestead established by Mike Yankovich in 1923. Mike turned the farm over to the University in 1963 and we had our first muskoxen arrive in 1964.

Our animals are maintained for a wide variety of research and educational projects including reproduction, nutrition, energetics, and behavior. These herds are valuable for research on fundamental biological principles, biomedical sciences, validating and teaching wildlife and protocols, as well as evaluating and developing their use in Alaskan agriculture.