Our main animal handling facility is a large heated barn, and is set up to safely move and handle all of our animals. We have two different squeeze systems, one for reindeer and one for muskoxen. Each allows for the animal to be safely immobilized and handled. Our animals are trained to come into the squeeze to allow for low-stress handling.  Each squeeze also has accurate weight bars underneath. 

The facility also includes a pharmacy, and different pens for animals to be anesthetized in . 

Our Calf Barn is only actively used during the summer month, and is used for storage. It has no heat but it equipped with electricity. It has a layout and small squeeze that is perfect for handling and training our muskox calves. 

The Shagaluk house has rooms set up to accomodate visiting researchers and students. It is equipped with 3 bedrooms, a dry, fully stocked kitchen, living space, and office space. Interested in doing research at LARS? Ask us about staying on the property!

The education hall is the main hub of the farm. It houses our classroom, as well as our shower and laundry facilities. 

The newest addition to LARS is the isolation facility. It includes a feed connex, office space, and a barn containment unit. 

The Yakutia house is set up as office space for the LARS staff.