Fairbanks Corrections Center

Correctional Academy

9 Credits applied to the Justice Major

Credit can be awarded through an academic transcript or Correctional Academy Certificate for a 1) corrections academy, 2) probation academy, or 3) parole academy for the following classes (substitution for transcripts):

JUST F110X Introduction to Justice

Survey of the structure and process of the agencies of criminal justice. Includes introduction to criminology, criminal law, police, courts and corrections. Also available via Independent Learning.

Prerequisites: None

Credits: 3


JUST F310 Principles of Corrections

An introduction to adult institutions, community- based programs, and theories of incarceration. Correctional programs are examined.

Prerequisites: JUST F110 and junior standing.

Credits: 3

Students who have completed a Correctional Academy can earn (9) credits of Justice electives towards their degree.

JUST F315 Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation

A study of various treatment and rehabilitative/restorative methods utilized in correctional settings.

Topics include the roles of correctional personnel, the assessment and treatment of juveniles and adults, casework in correctional settings, crisis intervention and the assessment and treatment of special populations in the correctional setting.

Prerequisites: Junior standing: Just 310 Eng. 211x or 231x or permission of instructor

Credits: 3

JUST F358 Juvenile Delinquency

Theories of delinquency, the extent of delinquency, the historical development of juvenile justice, the juvenile system, and how it impacts on youth in relation to police, courts, institutions and community programs. Includes youth violence, gangs, gender, race and class.

Prerequisites: JUST F110 and JUST F251, or permission of instructor.

Credits: 3

JUST F475 Internship

Internship provides students with a supervised experience in a criminal justice agency/setting. Placements include, but are not limited to, Law Enforcement, Probation, Law Practices, and Prosecution/Defense agencies. Prerequisites: Justice Major, Junior standing, minimum 3.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) Departmental approval required.

UAF Justice students have participated in Internships through a variety of agencies including, but not limited to, Adult/Juvenile Probation, Fairbanks Police Dept., Alaska State Troopers, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender Agency, Alaska Court System, offices of private attorney’s, Fairbanks Community Restorative Justice (partnership with Alaska Court System), Alaska Court System, and  UAF Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities.  Internships offer practical experience, along with career exploration in a professional setting.

Prerequisites: Permission of director of intern program.

Credits: 3-9