Personnel Training

Does everyone named on a protocol have to be skilled in every procedure planned in the protocol?

The individuals listed on the protocol must be trained and qualified to perform their specific duties. For example, if they are not part of the surgical team, there is no need for them to have those specific skills. However, the IACUC must ensure that the individuals listed are trained and qualified in their specific responsibilities and require the PIs to list each individual's responsibilities in the protocol. This information allows the IACUC to check (e.g. training databases, previous skills proficiency assessment, etc.) that each given individual has received the proper/required training (and have been deemed proficient) in their assigned tasks.

I'm going to have some summer technicians helping out.  Is there anything I need to do related to the IACUC protocol?  

YES.  They must complete the required training (IACUC Blackboard Training) BEFORE engaging in any activity involving live vertebrate animals. If they are not affiliated with UAF as a student or employee, there are web-based versions of the test that don't require a UA log in to complete; contact ORI to sign them up. You as the principal investigator (PI) also must add them to your IACUC Protocol's Research Personnel List.  The modification must be submited through IRBNet. 

I need to trap red squirrels in the spring for a series of metabolism studies in the fall, since I don't plan on doing any experiments until fall can I wait and complete the Humane Principals of Animal Care & Use modules after I finish trapping? 

NO.  All UAF personnel must complete any required training and have an approved protocol in place BEFORE engaging in any activity involving live vertebrate animals.

I've completed the required modules of the Humane Principals of Animal Care & Use training, do I need to complete any additional training to do animal surgeries at UAF if I did the same surgeries at the last place I worked?

YES.  In addition to the online training you will need to be approved by UAF Veterinary Services prior to suturing and/or using gas anesthesia. To obtain approval you must demonstrate proper suture technique and/or familiarity with the gas anesthesia equipment and acceptable methods of determining depth of anesthesia.

Who should I contact to find out what training I've completed and what I still need to complete?

Contact the Office of Research Integrity.