Current initiatives

Dancers from Troth Yeddha dance group
Troth Yeddha' Initiative

To honor Alaska's first peoples and strengthen the bridge between their cultures and higher education, we will develop the Troth Yeddha' Park and an Indigenous studies center. As a statewide academic center with close connections to other UAF institutes, the Troth Yeddha’ facilities will be distinct from other establishments that celebrate specific Alaska Native cultures. The Troth Yeddha' Legacy initiative builds on UAF's decades-long history of service to rural and Native students through entities such as the Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development and the tribal management and Native arts programs.

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Alaska Nanooks hockey team

Support our athletics program through the Nanook Fund. Athletics bolsters 10 teams competing at both the Division I and Division II levels.

The athletics program is committed to assisting student-athletes by providing scholarships and program support.

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Incoming students with North Star College take a tour through the UAF Campus starting from the Joseph E. Usibelli building
UAF General Scholarship Fund

Support UAF students by giving to the General Scholarship Fund, which awards students each year. This fund helps UAF's Nanook Pledge initiative to provide four years of reliable financial assistance.

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