Sarah Trainor

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Sarah Trainor

Professor / Director of Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy and Alaska Fire Science Consortium

University affiliation

  • International Arctic Research Center
  • College of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks (Fairbanks)

Contact information

Media contact

Heather McFarland

Areas of expertise

  • Ecology
  • Social and behavioral science

Research interests/biography

Sarah Trainor is an expert in climate change assessment and adaptation in Alaska with specific emphasis on climate and wildfire science communication, application, and stakeholder engagement. Her research interests include human dimensions of global change, especially in the Arctic and northern latitudes, and interdisciplinary assessment of ecosystem services related to global change and mixed subsistence economies in rural Alaska. She is an expert in communicating scientific information to inform planning and decision making in climate change adaptation and natural resource management.