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  • Chris Coffman

    Chris Coffman

    October 28, 2022

    Coffman uses psychoanalytic, feminist, and queer theories to analyze 20th and 21st century literature, visual art, and film from Great Britain, continental Europe (especially Parisian modernism) and the United States. Expertise in modernist literary and visual culture, especially Gertrude Stein and Virginia Woolf; theory; and women, gender and sexuality studies.

  • Portrait of Alexander Hirsch

    Alexander Hirsch

    October 28, 2022

    Expertise in political theory, ethics, history of ideas, public memory and mourning, transitional justice, indigenous cultural politics, ancient thought and literature.

  • Sveta Yamin-Pasternak

    Sveta Yamin-Pasternak

    October 28, 2022

    Yamin-Pasternak is a cultural anthropologist who studies how foodways in Northern communities interact with the local climate, built environment, family and community relations, ecology, and aesthetics. She collaborates with researchers across the fields of social and natural sciences, indigenous scholarship, humanities and engineering. She is also a world-leading researcher in the field of ethnomycology.

  • Terry Reilly

    Terry Reilly

    October 28, 2022

    British literature, Shakespeare, world literature.

  • Jennifer Schell

    Jennifer Schell

    October 28, 2022

    Research specialties include North American literature, Arctic writing, whaling history, print and visual culture, animal studies and environmental humanities. Current research explores manifestations of ecogothic discourse in North American extinction writing — including that which addresses Arctic animals such as mammoths and whales — published between 1820 and the present.

  • Walter Skya

    Walter Skya

    October 28, 2022

    Expertise in Asian studies, Japanese history and culture, and political economy of modern East Asia.

  • Sarah Stanley

    Sarah Stanley

    October 28, 2022

    The noticing hypothesis, hybrid writing teaching methods, access to quality higher education, and social justice. Co-founder with Sol Neely of LION (the Learning Inside Out Network) which seeks to increase educational opportunities inside Alaska prisons, jails and halfway houses.

  • Angela Linn

    Angela Linn

    November 29, 2022

    Investigate the impact of museums in our daily lives and their role in the preservation and perpetuation of culture.