Roger W. Ruess

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Roger W. Ruess

Professor of ecosystem ecology

University affiliation

  • Institute of Arctic Biology
  • College of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • Department of Biology and Wildlife
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks (Fairbanks)

Contact information

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Areas of expertise

  • Biology
  • Ecology

Research interests/biography

Boreal forest ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, plan ecophysiology. Exploring how changing climate and disturbance regimes are affecting boreal forest composition and ecosystem function, and the consequences for climate feedbacks and social-ecological systems. Studies on organic nitrogen cycling in soils, successional patterns of fine root production and decomposition dynamics, and the role of vertebrate herbivores in ecosystem function and landscape evolution. Ruess is also involved with groups exploring genomic approaches to bacterial and fungal community structure and function in boreal soils.