Javier Fochesatto

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Javier Fochesatto

Professor of atmospheric sciences

University affiliation

  • Geophysical Institute
  • College of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • Department of Atmospheric Sciences
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks (Fairbanks)

Contact information

Media contact

Rod Boyce

Areas of expertise

  • Atmospheric and space science

Research interests/biography

Atmospheric boundary layer composition, dynamics, meteorology and turbulence, as well as surface-atmosphere exchanges and their connection to the atmospheric boundary layer flow and coupling to mesoscale, regional and large scale models using remote sensing platforms. Specializes in lidar, laser and microwave scintillometry and eddy-covariance to determine scale-dependent heat, water vapor and carbon fluxes in complex canopies. Micrometeorology with emphasis in high latitude surface-atmosphere interaction Multiscale turbulent fluxes of energy and matter in boreal forest and Arctic tundra.