Expect respect.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks strives to be a place where all people are treated with common courtesy, compassion, dignity and respect.

The UAF Department of Equity and Compliance promotes a working and learning environment free of discrimination, including harassment and violence, and leads a focused effort to build inclusive systems at UAF by ensuring compliance with civil rights laws; providing advice and direction to administration, faculty, staff, supervisors and students; and institutionalizing processes to eradicate discrimination and build equity.

The department works with many other groups and programs to reach these goals.


Share, Learn, Grow

Share, Learn, Grow is a resource where you will find books, articles, documentaries, podcasts, conferences, performances, and more on topics related to equity, inclusion, access, and diversity.

This archive will continue to grow and get richer as you, students, faculty, and staff at UAF share resources that have opened your eyes and inspired you.