Applying to UAF English

Thank you for your interest in English graduate studies at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. We offer three separate degree programs: the MFA in creative writing, the MA in English, and the combined MFA/MA. Here are our deadlines: 

  • MFA and MFA/MA applications are due by January 15, with a start date in the fall semester.
  • MA applications are due by either October 15 (for spring enrollment) or January 15 (for fall enrollment).

To apply, please (1) complete your online application, (2) upload your supplemental materials, and (3) submit your brief Teaching Assistantship Form. These requirements are described in more detail below. Note that we do not require GRE results.

Online application:
Visit the UAF Office of Admissions webpage. Once you create an account, you can begin filling out your application. The management system will allow you to save your progress and return later if you choose. While completing the application, you will submit:

  1. Unofficial transcripts (please provide unofficial transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate work; although the application system will ask for official transcripts, those will only be required later for students who accept a place in the program)
  2. Contact information for three references (your references will receive an email with a link for submitting letters; if your letters are stored via Interfolio, you can provide the "send." email for each specific letter)

Supplemental materials:
Once you submit your application, return to the application portal homepage. There, you will upload the following documents:

  1. Résumé or CV
  2. Writing sample (see below)
  3. Statement of goals (see below)
  4. Unofficial transcripts (if you didn't upload your transcripts during the application itself, you'll be prompted to do so here)

Teaching Assistantship Form:
Please submit the UAF English Teaching Assistantship form to declare whether you would like to be considered for an assistantship. We do not require a specialized statement or teaching philosophy—just this short form.

Below are guidelines for your writing sample and statement of goals. Applicants for the MFA/MA combined degree should submit both creative and scholarly writing samples and provide one statement of goals that addresses both degree programs. Because applications to the MFA/MA combined program will be reviewed by both the MFA and MA Admission Committees, it's possible that applicants will receive admission into one degree program but not the other. 

Creative writing sample (MFA applicants)
Submit 25–40 pages of fiction, creative nonfiction, or dramatic writing, or 15–20 pages of poetry. It is acceptable (but uncommon) to submit work in more than one genre. Also, please include a brief note at the beginning of your manuscript indicating the genre in which you’re applying.

Scholarly writing sample (MA applicants)
Submit 20–25 pages of your best scholarly or critical work. At the beginning of your document, please include a brief (one paragraph max.) contextual statement explaining for which course(s) you wrote this paper(s) and why you're choosing it as your writing sample.

Statement of goals
MFA applicants: In 600–1,000 words, address your personal goals for graduate studies. You can discuss your current interests, writing projects, and literary influences. You might also address how your experience, skills, and intellectual outlook make you an ideal fit for our writing community.
MA applicants: In 600–1,000 words, discuss why you wish to earn an advanced degree in English. Identify which research area(s) you plan to focus on during your graduate work, and explain why the University of Alaska Fairbanks is an attractive site for your studies.

For questions about the application process, contact:
Office Manager
(907) 474-7193

For information about our MA program, contact:
Dr. Chris Coffman
Department Chair
(907) 474-5233

For information about our MFA program, contact:
Dr. Gerri Brightwell
Director of Creative Writing

(907) 474-5307