Accessible housing

UAF provides comparable, convenient, and accessible housing to students with disabilities. If you require a reasonable accommodation based on a qualified disability, start the process by applying for housing and applying with Disability Services to confirm your qualified disability status. Disability Services then will assist Residence Life in providing you reasonable accommodation tailored to meet your needs.

Adjustments are always determined on an individual basis. UAF will make reasonable modifications to student housing and its policies, procedures, and practices for eligible students unless the modification will fundamentally alter the nature of its housing services. Below are some examples of accommodations UAF Residence Life has provided:

  • Accessible room: A room on the ground floor with moveable furniture. The door to the room may have an automatic door opener; the room may also have a roll-in shower.
  • Accessible toilet/sink: A sink that can accommodate a wheelchair; usually no more than 34” in height with minimum cabinet space underneath for knee clearance.
  • Remote control access: A door equipped with a power-operated mechanism and controls that help to open the door automatically or relieve the opening resistance of a door upon receiving a signal.
  • Private bathroom: A bathroom that is not shared between roommates.
  • Modular bathroom: A bathroom that is shared between two people. This bathroom is enclosed within the living space itself.
  • Roll-in shower (no lip): A shower with no barriers; a wheelchair can easily roll in.
  • Strobe light fire alarm: A flash lamp that produces high-intensity, short-duration light pulses that is attached to the fire alarm and used to aid individuals with hearing impairments during emergency situations.
  • Ground floor/First floor room: A room that does not require the use of stairs; room has access to the main level.
  • Visual doorbell: A light above the door that will light up when someone is at the door (typically for students with hearing impairments).
  • Room with additional space for medical equipment.
  • Substance-free environment.
  • Private room: Single room or a double room for a single occupant.
  • Service or assistive animal.

This is not an exhaustive list, and we encourage you to contact Disability Services with specific questions. Approved accommodations provided to students with qualifying disabilities are not subject to surcharges.

Your best bet: COMMUNICATE EARLY! Although modifications can be made to rooms at any time, the best plan is to communicate early with Disability Services and Residence Life about your specific needs. With information from Disability Services and Residence Life and your assistance, we can look for a space that best meets your needs. Housing is limited and not guaranteed. An approved housing accommodation does not guarantee a housing assignment. UAF does not discriminate in the provision of housing to students with disabilities.

How to apply for a reasonable housing accommodation related to a qualifying disability

STEP 1: Apply for housing, making sure to indicate that a disability-related accommodation is requested.

STEP 2: Complete the UAF Disability Services accommodation form ( and provide documentation as required by Disability Services. Please submit your request early to allow time for the determination process.

STEP 3: Once Disability Services determines your eligibility for services, Disability Services and Residence Life will work with you to identify a reasonable accommodation to meet your needs. Additional paperwork might be required.

STEP 4: You will receive a letter from Disability Services indicating whether your request is approved and the recommended accommodation. After submitting the necessary application and documentation, please allow 5 days for your request to be reviewed.