Welcome to UAF Disability Services!

At UAF Disability Services, our goal is to provide UAF students with access to academic classes and course materials through an interactive accommodation process.

UAF Disability Services provides accommodations to students on the Fairbanks campus as well as on the Bristol Bay, Chukchi, Interior Alaska, Kuskokwim, Northwest, Community and Technical College (CTC), UAF eCampus, and College of Indigenous Studies (CIS) campuses.

Students using community campuses or distance learning programs should contact Disability Services via telephone, fax, e-mail, U.S. postal mail, or in person to request and arrange for accommodations.

We enjoy supporting individuality, promoting independence and celebrating graduations.


Congratulations Graduates!

Need assistance at graduation?

UAF provides assistance to individuals with disabilities during commencement. If you or someone who will be attending commencement with you is needing assistance, we can help you coordinate in advance to ensure your commencement experience is as seamless as possible. 


Please help us understand what you may need by describing any helpful information regarding the services you are requesting on our Commencement Assistance Form. Someone from UAF Disability Services or UAF Events will contact you to finalize the details.


It has been an honor to assist you on your academic journey, and we wish you the best on your next adventure! Cheers to you!