Frequently asked questions

If you are thinking about registering with UAF Disability Services please refer to our Registration Process page, as well as to all of the necessary Forms that need to be completed.    

To register with UAF Disability Services, we require students to submit some sort of Documentation stating their diagnosis, symptoms they experience and how it affects their daily life. Documentation can be submitted in many different ways, please visit our Forms page for more information. We also recommend students submit any medical documentation they have early in the process so we can accurately assess possible accommodations.

To request your letter, please Contact Us via email, phone or stop by our office anytime. Students have to request their letters at the start of each semester, but can do so at any time. 

Our most common academic accommodations include extended testing time and flexibility when handing in assignments and attending classes regularly. We also offer housing accommodations, which can vary greatly and may require more detailed medical documentation. If you have any questions about possible Accommodations please Contact Us, and we will reach back out to you as soon as possible.


If you would like to update or add any accommodations to your academic letter, please Contact Us and we can schedule a brief meeting to discuss any potential changes. Please note that in some cases additional Documentation might be required.

You can request a testing proctor by emailing, calling, or stopping by in person to our office. The information we will need in order to fulfill your request is your Student ID number, class, professor name, and what quiz/test you are wanting to take, also when you are wanting to take the test.

At disability services we require students to go through our Registration Process in order to receive accommodations. Our registration process includes a registration form, Documentation, and an intake meeting. Accommodations are designed to give students resources for success. They do not alter the content of classes or the homework loads. We are designed to help students succeed on their own by offering support.

If you intend to live on campus, complete the Housing Application as soon as possible. Be sure to indicate that a disability-related accommodation is requested. Accommodations can be applied after housing assignments have been made.


Great news, you are allowed to bring your emotional support animal (ESA) with you to College. In order to do so, you must have Documentation from a medical provider, stating how the ESA mitigates the symptoms of your diagnosed disability. To get the Registration Process started, please complete all necessary Forms. Once you are registered with our office, please complete the Housing Application as soon as possible. Housing accommodation applications which are received after the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar will be treated on a first come - first serve basis.

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is an animal, approved by UAF Disability Services and Residence Life, to support a student with a disability. Proper Documentation is required for an ESA to be approved, and ESA’s are only allowed to enter the students approved residence hall.

Yes, Service animals are allowed on campus and in all buildings. Service animals do not need to be approved by Disability Services. Please note that ESA’s are not Service Animals, and ESA’s are only permitted in the indicated and approved residence of the student.

A Service Animal is allowed anywhere on any UAF campus and into all buildings and does not have to be approved by Disability Services. Please review the requirements for your animal to be recognized as a Service Animal. 


If you need to borrow equipment from UAF Disability Services, please Contact Us to set up a meeting and discuss which equipment you would need to borrow. 


If you or a guest with disabilities are planning to attend a UAF event, please Contact Us so we can arrange for proper accommodations. Please note that the sooner we know about any accommodation request, the more we can guarantee to arrange the requested accommodations for you.


Disability Services does not offer tutoring. However, UAF has a variety of ways for students to obtain course assistance. Students who experience a disability have equal access to existing UAF programs for which they qualify. Many campuses have writing centers, math labs and TRIO programs.


Disability Services does not offer any scholarships for disabled students. However the Office of Financial Aid Office does offer Scholarships and Financial Assistance. For more information see please visit the website of the Office of the Financial Aid


No, there is no required fee when registering with UAF Disability Services. Receiving accommodations via our office is at no cost for the student. 


You should contact Disability Services immediately when you encounter an issue regarding any of your accommodations. Disability Services will then reach out to the instructor involved and assist you with solving the issue. 

If you have questions about anything, please do not hesitate to CContact Us and we will reach back out to you within one business day of your request. We would be happy to set up an appointment to answer and discuss any questions or concerns you might have.