Master's Timeline

Timeline for chemistry master's degree students
Task Deadline
Attend both the Chemistry Department Orientation and the Graduate School Orientation. RSVP for Graduate School Orientation
Download your registration form from UAOnline, fill out with your advisor, and return to Department Office. Registration forms are only required for the first semester of study
Turn in Appoint/Change Committee Form. By the end of the first semester of study
Turn in Graduate Study Plan and complete the Master's Comprehensive Exam -- see the MS Comps Guidelines.  Note that both of these activities are typically completed at the first annual committee meeting (see next row of this table).  Bring Comprehensive Exam Report form to the meeting, which the committee will file with Graduate School. By the end of second semester of study
Turn in Annual Report of Advisory Committee and Department Program Assessment Form. Every year to the Chemistry Department Office by May 10th to make sure paperwork is processed by May 15th Graduate School deadline
Turn in Advancement to Candidacy form. One semester before graduation; see Graduate School website for due dates
Attend thesis formatting workshop and review thesis guidelines. Before turning in final thesis draft
Turn in a final draft of your thesis to your advisor.

At least 6 weeks before Graduate School thesis submission deadline

(approx. Spring: 2/24, Summer: 6/20, Fall: 10/17)

Turn in a final thesis draft to your committee.

2 weeks prior to defense

Reserve a room for defense.

2 weeks prior to defense

Provide Department Office with details of your defense, including date, location, thesis title, and thesis abstract (these details will be forwarded to the Dean's Office).

2 weeks prior to defense

Prepare a flyer from a department template (choose 1 or 2) and email to Chemistry Department Office.

2 weeks prior to defense

Check that the defense on the UAF Science calendar.

2 weeks prior to defense

Defend thesis orally and at the same meeting complete the oral comprehensive examination. Bring to this meeting three forms: Graduate school's Thesis/Dissertation Defense Report and Comprehensive Exam Report.  Also bring the Department's Graduate Program Assessment Form.

At least 4 weeks before Graduate School thesis submission deadline

(approx. Spring: 3/7, Summer: 7/3, Fall: 10/28)

Apply for graduation.

Visit Graduate School website for deadlines.

Make any changes to your thesis that were suggested by your committee.

Before obtaining committee signatures

Bring signature page to Graduate School to be double checked before anyone signs it.

Before obtaining committee signatures

Obtain committee member signatures on signature page on thesis paper.

Before submitting to Department Chair

Email post-defense electronic thesis to Chemistry Department Chair.  You will get comments and send a finalized electronic version back to the Chair.

At least 3 weeks before Graduate School thesis submission deadline

(approx. Spring: 3/18, Summer: 7/11, Fall: 11/3)

The department chair will email the finalized electronic version of the thesis to the Dean's office for this stage of review.

At least 1 week before Graduate School thesis submission deadline (approx. Spring: 3/31, Summer: 7/25, Fall: 11/17)

Submit your Signature page with all the signatures (two originals - regular paper) and the Thesis/Dissertation Publishing Agreement form to the Graduate School.


Submit your thesis as a pdf and pay required fees through the ProQuest ETD website (See ProQuest ETD submittal details).

Graduate School thesis submission deadline

(approx. Spring: 4/7, Summer: 8/1, Fall: 11/28)

Make formatting changes to the thesis required by the Graduate School and resubmit through ETD.  Turn in all other paperwork to Graduate School.

Graduate School thesis submission deadline

(approx. Spring: 4/7, Summer: 8/1, Fall: 11/28)

Complete anonymous Exit Interview (see department chair).


Return keys, catalog experimental samples and data, release lab notebooks and clean up research area.



See posted commencement date and UAF's walk-through policy.


Leave of Absence

If a student needs to temporarily suspend studies while earning a graduate degree, they must submit an approved Leave of Absence Form to the Graduate School. Students who do not meet registration requirements and fail to file an approved leave of absence may request reinstatement to their graduate degree program. A Reinstatement to Graduate Degree Status Form must be filled out and signed by the student’s advisor and the appropriate department head, and approved by the Director of the Graduate School. There is a $50.00 reinstatement fee that must be paid to the UAF Bursar's Office or at UAOnline.