Prospective Students

Application Deadlines & Requirements


** We are currently waiving GRE requirements for all applicants**


  Application Deadlines
Fall Semesters: January 15th for both domestic and international students

Spring Semesters: October 1 for domestic students only. We do not accept international students for spring semesters. 

  • Graduate Application for Admission
    • $75 non-refundable fee
  • Transcripts 
    • Official transcripts are required if the applicant is accepted into a program. 
    • You can submit your unofficial transcript for review purposes but if an offer of acceptance is made to you, we would need the official version before you can be admitted. 
  • GRE
    • We are currently waiving GRE requirements for all programs
  • Resume/CV
    • Summary of education and work history including additional skills, certifications, and accomplishments
  • Statement of Academic Goals
    • No more than a three page letter explaining why you want to be admitted into our program and how your academic and career goals are related to attending our institution. Mentioning specific faculty you would like to work with is highly encouraged.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    • A minimum of three letters of recommendation from three different professional or academic references is required.


  • Same general requirements as listed for domestic students
    • Application fee of $75 - Please note, we cannot provide application fee waivers
    • Resume/CV
    • Statement of Goals
    • Unofficial transcript with official transcripts being required if offer of acceptance is made
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • We are currently waiving the GRE requirement
  • Official diploma(s)
  • Citizenship Document 
    • Such as your passport 
  • International Evaluation of Credits
    • The evaluation will convert your transcript into the U.S. system and helps to create an unbiased review of your education. 
    • Must be administered by WES, ECE or another NACES approved service
  • Proof of English proficiency
    • TOEFL with minimum score of 79
    • IELTS with minimum score of 6.5
    • Or proof of passing grade in a 100 level English or writing course.
    • If your undergraduate degree was completed in the U.S. we will usually waive the need for an English proficiency test.

Our Graduate Programs

There are many great reasons to choose UAF for pursuing your graduate degree. As the eyes of the world turn towards the fast changing Arctic, research conducted by our students and faculty becomes increasingly prominent. In fact, UAF is home to the most Arctic research publications in the entire world!  Whether you seek to solve climate change issues through the study of air, water, soil, and our atmosphere or discover new drugs that may cure disease we have a program for you. Become part of the change and apply today. 

Graduate student doing research in Dr. Wltzin's lab


The graduate program in Biochemistry and Neuroscience supports training and research excellence in core areas including cellular and molecular neuroscience, drug discovery and bioanalytical chemistry. The program contributes to the Biomedical and One Health Science community at the University of Alaska and seeks to better understand and develop technologies related to the Arctic.

Our Biochemistry & Neuroscience program is competitive, offers a broad selection of courses, and incredible research opportunities in state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you are pursuing your M.S. or PhD, a graduate degree in Biochemistry & Neuroscience will help you achieve the future you desire.

If you are pursuing a PhD then you are required to take graduate courses, complete a research-based thesis, and pass comprehensive and final oral examinations. We encourage you to take a wide range of courses. Thesis research is undertaken in collaboration with a thesis advisor who also chairs the your graduate advisory committee. The committee helps advise on scientific and academic matters, oversees the various graduate exams, and approves your thesis. You will choose your major advisor and committee during your first year of graduate school. 



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