IDEA Task Force

In January 2018, Chancellor Daniel M. White established the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility task force to look closely at diversity and equity at UAF, what UAF is doing, what UAF could be doing, and how UAF can become a diverse and equitable campus. It is the chancellor’s priority that UAF be a welcoming institution and is equitable to all. The IDEA Task Force served for one year to address issues and propose solutions. The following individuals were appointed to serve on this task force:

  • Keith Champagne, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs (co-chair)
  • Sine Anahita, Associate Professor, Sociology (co-chair)
  • Diane Benson, Assistant Professor, DANSRD
  • Bob Bolton, Research Assistant Professor, IARC
  • Ronnie Houchin, Transitions Program Coordinator, Admissions
  • Daisy Huang, Assistant Professor, CEM
  • Kathleen Meckel (Hildebrand), Assistant Professor, DANSRD
  • Carrie Santoro, Fiscal Officer, IAC
  • Geri Simon, Senior Vice President, Doyon
  • Jessie Young-Robertson, Research Professional, SNRE