Welcome to the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It is my honor to serve as the ninth chancellor of the university in its 100 year history. Founded in 1917, UAF has grown to become the global leader in Arctic research, and a university known for Alaska Native and Indigenous studies. As a Land, Sea, Space and Air grant university, UAF fills a state and national need for research, teaching, service and outreach.

Unlike most research universities, UAF is proud to house a complete community and technical college that serves students who desire occupational endorsements, certificates and associate degrees. Truly, UAF is one of the few universities in the world where one can start with a 9-credit occupational endorsement and finish with a Ph.D.

UAF is proud of our rural campuses, four of which serve communities that cannot be reached by road. These campuses are integral parts of their communities and serve many students for whom a UAF education is the first college degree in the family.

I thank you for taking the time visit UAF on the web. I encourage you to learn more, take a tour, enroll in a class, participate in an event or engage with one of our more than 3,000 employees or more than 9,000 students who are making a difference for Alaska and the world.

Daniel M. White
UAF Chancellor

Prospective students tour the Fairbanks campus on preview day

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