UAF Budget Options Task Force

The budget options task force was charged with identifying large and small budget reduction options and revenue generation ideas. The following highly-ranked recommendations are submitted for consideration. We utilized UAF’s mission and strategic planning documents, strategic enrollment planning, and accreditation goals and measures to guide the process. Read more about the Budget Options Task Force in the Dec. 2, 2020 budget update...


The task force began work in December 2020, with recommendations due by early spring 2021.

Task force members

  • Jennifer Harris, Alaska Center for Energy and Power - Chair
  • Bill Simpson, College of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • LaVerne Demientieff, College of Liberal Arts
  • Angie Schmidt, Rasmuson Library
  • Kevin Illingworth, College of Rural and Community Development
  • Jessica Larsen, Geophysical Institute
  • Kellie Fritze, Facilities Services
  • Andres Lopez, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
  • Sandra Wildfeuer, Community and Technical College
  • Mat Wooller, Institute of Northern Engineering and College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
  • Nona Letuligasenoa, Athletics
  • Briana Walters, Office of Management & Budget - support role