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Pressure Canner Gauge Testing

At this time, we are providing pressure canner gauge testing services from 9 am to 2 pm, Monday through Thursday. No appointment needed.   

Soil Testing and Interpretation

Visit our soil testing page for all the information you need to test your soil and interpret how much fertilizer you need (plus free online calculators).

Range and Livestock Calculators
Spruce Bark Beetles: What you need to know 

Spruce Bark Beetles are making an impact on spruce trees across the Kenai Peninsula.  Click here then type"bark beetle" in the search box in order to:

  • learn what bark beetles are and how they damage trees.
  • learn bark beetle groups in Alaska.
  • learn signs and symptoms of bark beetle activity.
  • learn potential bark beetle threats to Alaska.
  • become familiar with the vocabulary of bark beetles.

For even more information, view Spruce Bark Beetles: Tree Management Options for Home and Woodlot Owners for Southcentral and Interior Alaska

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Kenai Peninsula Faculty & Staff :
Alicia Glessing

Alicia Glessing

Administrative Assistant

Casey Matney, Ph.D.

Casey Matney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Extension, Agriculture and Horticulture

Cassy Rankin

Cassy Rankin

4-H Program Coordinator

Trey Eastman

Trey Eastman

Nutrition Educator

Home, Health and Family Agent

This faculty position is in the process of being filled. In the meantime, please continue to reach out to our office with your questions, we will route them to the appropriate Cooperative Extension Service agent in another part of the state, 907-262-5824.