Spruce Needle Rust

Are you finding masses of orange spores appearing on the needles of your spruce tree?  If you are, your tree may have spruce needle rust.  Please follow the link below to learn more about this fungus.  

Spruce Needle Rust - Forest Service - USDA

Mushroom Identification

Mycologist Gary Laursen will lead mushroom identification workshops in Fairbanks July 27-29 and in Palmer  Aug. 3-5. If you want to collect, identify, prepare and/or preserve wild edible mushrooms, this course is for you. The fee is $100 for the entire course or $20 for the  Friday  night lecture only. See details or register online for either workshop. For more information about the workshop in Fairbanks, call Extension at 474-1530, or in Palmer, 745-3360.

Spruce Needle Aphid

Across the southern Kenai Peninsula many trees both young and old are becoming infested with a pest new to our area, the Spruce Needle Aphid, Elatobium abietinum.

Found in coastal communities, you can see the damage to trees of all ages by the browning and dropping of the needles from the trunk outward. Early inspection is ideal since these pest feed on the needles as early as February or March.  (click here for more info)

Soil Testing

Understanding what nutrients are available in your soil for your plants is needed in order to supply your garden with the building blocks to promote healthy and vigorous growth.  Taking a soil sample and analyzing a soil test is the only way to know what nutrients are in your soil and how much fertilizer to apply to your garden.  Review the documents below for more information on taking a soil sample, testing, and interpreting your results.

Factors to Consider in Selecting a Soil Testing Lab

Soil Sampling

Soil Test Interpretation

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