Kenai Peninsula District 4-H

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Faculty/Staff member:  Cassandra Rankin
Office Address:
Phone number: 907-262-5824


Cassandra Rankin
Program Description

Kenai Peninsula District 4-H is the geographical size of West Virginia and is made up of eleven clubs, a District Council, a Junior Market Livestock Board, and a large team of parents, helpers, and volunteers that make up the Ag Expo Committee.
Our district has a heavy focus on horse and livestock programs, and the culmination of our youth’s projects each year is at the Kenai Peninsula District 4-H Agriculture Expo where our youth participate in livestock shows, exhibit their 4-H projects, compete in a horse show, and host the Junior Market Livestock Auction, where our JML youth auction off their homegrown livestock.
Learning happens all year long in KP 4-H, and projects offered across our eleven clubs include large livestock, poultry, dog mushing, horsemanship and equine science, sewing, foods, creative writing, STEM, arts and crafts, gardening, leadership, fine arts, and more.
KP 4-H’ers are heavily involved in the Alaska State 4-H Horse Contest as well as the Alaska State 4-H Livestock Contest, and enthusiastically attend learning workshops and community events year-round.