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Dr. Linda Kiltz is a Program Coordinator for the homeland security program in the College of Business and Security Management. where she teaches and designs courses in emergency management and homeland security. Dr. Kiltz has over 15 years of experience designing, developing, evaluating, and teaching online courses in higher education. She has expertise in a variety of learning management systems and e-learning technologies, instructional design and adult learning, and program assessment and accreditation.  She has designed and developed over 50 courses that meet quality matter standards and is a Quality Matters Peer Reviewer. Her research interests are focused on the impacts of climate change on critical infrastructure, particularly food and water systems. Dr. Kiltz also conducts research on the Scholarship of Teaching in the fields of emergency management and homeland security. 

Dr. Linda Kiltz is the former the Academic Program Director for the Master of Public Administration, Master of Public Policy, Master of Science in Nonprofit Management and Leadership and Master of Science in Emergency Management in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Walden University.  She was also a professor in the MPA program at Texas A & M University in Corpus Christi. Dr. Kiltz has over two decades of leadership experience working in both the nonprofit and government sector developing and implementing innovative programs and policies to address community problems including crime and violence, poverty and hunger, and emergency preparedness among vulnerable populations. Besides working in higher education, Dr. Kiltz has served as an officer in the U.S. Army, a sheriff’s deputy and training manager in local law enforcement, and as a community educator for nonprofit organizations dedicated to preventing family violence and child abuse.

In her spare time, she operates an organic farming operation with her husband near Kalispell, Montana where they raise grass fed beef, eggs from free range chickens and 40 varieties of organic apples. 

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  • Ph.D., 2008, Public Administration & Policy, Portland State University

  • M.S., 2003, Education, Portland State University

  • Basic Certificate, 2000, Master of Public Administration, Portland State University

  • B.A., 1986, Political Science, University of Wisconsin  


Selected Publications

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