Research and Peer-Reviewed

Arctic Sea Ice Decline and Geoengineering Solutions: Cascading Security and Ethical Considerations

Alec Bennett, Troy Bouffard, Uma Bhatt


May 2022

Научное сотрудничество: мониторинг вечной мерзлоты циркумполярной зоны и обмен данными

Буффард Т., Урюпова Е., Доддс К., Романовский В.Е., Беннетт А., Стрелецкий Д.

Арктика и Север

December 2021

Policy Brief
The Arctic and North American Defence: Reflections on 2021

P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Troy J. Bouffard

North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network

December 17, 2021

Arctic Yearbook 2021 Image
Strategy, Competition, and Legitimization: Development of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

Sergey Sukhankin, Troy J. Bouffard, P. Whitney Lackenbauer

Arctic Yearbook

November 19, 2021

Climate Change, Farming, and Gardening in Alaska: Cultivating Opportunities

Nancy Fresco, Alec P. Bennett, Peter Bieniek, Carolyn Rosner


November 17, 2021

Scientific Cooperation: Supporting Circumpolar Permafrost Monitoring and Data Sharing

Troy J. Bouffard, Ekaterina Uryupova, Klaus Dodds, Valdimir E. Romanovsky, Alec P. Bennett, Dmitry Stereltskiy


June 03, 2021

U.S. Arctic Security Strategies: Balancing Strategic and Operational Dimensions

Troy J. Bouffard, Lindsay L. Rodman

Polar Journal

March 30, 2021

The Development of the Russian Arctic Council Chairmanship: A Strategic Plan of Preparation and Pursuit

Troy J. Bouffard, Dr. P. Whitney Lackenbauer

North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network (NAADSN)

March 30, 2021

US Arctic Deepwater Port: Value-Added Capabilities in Support of National Security

Troy J. Bouffard, Edward M. Soto

North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network (NAADSN)

March, 2021

A Developing Maritime Operational Environment: Forward Presence and Freedom of Navigation in the Arctic

Troy J. Bouffard

North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network (NAADSN)

January 12, 2021

Command and Control of Northern Maritime Forces: The Concept and Rationale in Support of a JFMCC-Arctic

Troy J. Bouffard, Cameron D. Carlson


December 02, 2020

New Admin
North American Arctic Security Expectations
in a New U.S. Administration

Troy J. Bouffard, Wilfrid Greaves, P. Whitney Lackenbauer, and Nancy Teeple

North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network (NAADSN)

November 23, 2020

NATO StratCom Arctic Report
Arctic Narratives and Political Values:
Arctic States, China and NATO

Iona Allen, Troy Bouffard (editor and case study director)

NATO Stategic Communication Centre of Excellence (StratCom CoE)

January, 2020

human security
Exploring a Nexus of National and Human Security: Food and
Energy Challenges in the U.S. Arctic

Cameron D. Carlson, Troy J. Bouffard and Dana Woodward

Journal of Human Security

September 01, 2020

open skies
The U.S. Withdrawal from Open Skies: Implications for the Arctic

Troy J. Bouffard, P. Whitney Lackenbauer

North American and Arctic Defence and Security Network (NAADSN)

May 23, 2020

Establishing an Arctic Security Institution: Essentials from NORAD and NATO

Troy J. Bouffard, Elizabeth Buchanan

Strategy Bridge

May 03, 2020

A Surface Presence for the US Navy in the Arctic?

Troy J. Bouffard, Cameron Carlson

Canadian Naval Review

Oct/Nov, 2019

A Multimethod and Interdisciplinary Approach to Educating Postsecondary Students on Arctic Challenges and Governance

Brandon Boylan, Mary Ehrlander, Troy J. Bouffard

Journal of Political Science Education

09 July 2019

A Tale of 'Two' Russias?

Troy J. Bouffard, Andrea Charron, Jim Fergusson

Canadian Global Affairs Institute


Authoritarian Administration:
An Environmental Paradox in the Russian Arctic

Troy J. Bouffard

Arctic Yearbook

Oct, 2018

Managing the Barents Sea: Comparing Norwegian and Russian Offshore Oil-Spill Prevention Policies

Troy J. Bouffard

Arctic Yearbook

Oct, 2017

Tale of Two Arctics: Impact of Geography Affecting Security and Disaster Response Capabilities between North America and Europe

Harry Bader, Cameron Carlson. Troy J. Bouffard

The Homeland Security Review

Summer, 2014